about emma

hey, reader! i'm emma. who are you? i didn't ask.

no, i'm kidding. i want to know who all my readers are, but this page is strictly meant for me to describe myself to you.

--i'm a lady.
--who likes chipotle. nay, loves. nay, probably couldn't live without.
--i've been known to sport the color "flannel" frequently, and i like brightly colored lipstick more than your average bear.
--i enjoy music, movies and all those hipster things. so sue me.
--i use to wear fake glasses when i felt "tired" because i was convinced they not only disguised my dark circles but made me look cuter

the bottom line is this: if i had to describe myself in 3 words, i would say extroverted, feisty and usually pretty idiotic (in an endearing way).

i love to write
i love to joke
i love to make people laugh.

ask me any question about Seinfeld, and i'll probably answer it correctly.

this blog started as word vomit, and has gradually grown into (still) word vomit with more frequent glimpses of relevance to your daily life.

like i always say, it's my blog and if it can do anything for you, i hope it brings humor in some way or another.