Tuesday, September 21, 2010

fomo no-mo

this goes out to all my baby mamas.

but really, it goes out to whoever i've discussed this topic with over the past few weeks.

going out sucks.

yeah, i said it. look, it was super fun in college when there weren't as many responsibilities and there was a better chance something exciting/scandalous/ridiculous would happen, but nowadays it's like - oh cool. i went out, spent way too much money on nothing and now my saturday/sunday will consist of me hungover for the better part of the day and i won't get anything done.

i'd rather spend my allotted weekend money on 2 really great brunches/lunches, go day-bar hopping, take a nap, puke, rally, then go to a fun dinner followed by bedtime. i mean, COME ON!!!

maybe i'm wrong. maybe i'm outgrowing it too soon, but i can't help it. yes, i love the nightlife if there is an actual event happening or a solid reason to be somewhere, but as for getting all dressed up to go to the same places and leave empty-handed and bloated... shrug. i guess i'm way too mature for all of that now (or just way too lame).

so, let's recap: brunch, bottomless mimosas, day-bars, sleep time, dinner time, bedtime MOFOS.

shit - did i just shoot myself in the foot? is no one gonna ask me to hang out now on the assumption that i'll say no? i'll go with you! i will. i'll come hang out. whatevs. forget all the above.

but still bring me a mimosa, shoot.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

bill bell

i said i would dedicate a post to the 50th follower, and i am a woman of my word (unless i decide otherwise).

bill bell: the greatest bartender of all time. truly. he puts everyday, just-trying-to-get-by bartenders at your local clubbing spot to shame. i don't know how or where he learned his trickery, but it doesn't matter. this man can make any shot or any drink you desire to a "t" (as in tonic or tanqueray). for your next party, book him as the drink-maker. i promise you 2 things: you'll be hungover, but you'll have a blast.

thank you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

gets me every time

the best smell in the entire world, hands down is....

drum roll please....

the smell of a guy's worn in, plain white t-shirt.

if you disagree, you either a) have never smelled one or b) have smelled one, but you're surrounded by gross guys/men who typically don't normally smell good.

if it's the latter, i feel really bad for you.